Speaking: Schools


"I have heard Stephanie speak on several different occasions and I have also advocated for Stephanie to speak at my school. The first few times I heard Stephanie it was amazing to hear her story and how it brought the people in the room together. In fact, there was a teacher in the room that was talking about how she had shared Stephanie's idea of giving with her class. A group of girls took it upon themselves to give their time to a boy with autism at lunch and sit with him. Turns out this boys aunt was also at this speaking engagement and she started to thank the teacher for how those girls have helped her nephew. After hearing this, I just felt the power of Stephanie's messages and I feel that her message can truly impact the lives of everyone. When Stephanie spoke at my school she spoke to the parent group on how to challenge their families to give. It was truly amazing to hear how Stephanie could reach and impact people of all ages."
Madison McCreary