Speaking: Business


"I knew she would be phenomenal. I knew her message would resonate with our family members at Centier. What I didn't know was to the extent that she would personalize her speech for us."
Anthony Contrucci
VP of Community Relations and Business Development, Centier Bank
"Stephanie is one of those rare people you meet who just makes you feel special, seen, and heard. She is genuine and supportive. Her knowledge and wisdom blow me away. She's also the epitome of humility, a rare quality in today's world. I first saw her speak at a women's tea, and she caught and held my attention the entire time. Pretty soon I was out of my chair reaching and "stretching" myself. I'm normally more of an observer than a participator. Love Stephanie Jones. She touches the hearts of everyone she meets!"
Courtney Fokianos
Executive Director, StoryPoint Living
"I have had the pleasure to hear Stephanie Jones speak on multiple occasions, addressing audiences of varying sizes and purpose. In each setting she is warm and personable, relatable and realistic, and most of all compelling. Her message is life affirming and uplifting but she is so much more than a motivational speaker. Through her words she draws the audience into a self reflection, personally challenging how they might too move more towards the daily practice of giving. She does this by articulating multiple examples and identifying the simplicity of our options as givers. Of course by the end she summarizes the benefits to all involved. The world would be a better place to have her message shared and philosophy practiced. Have Stephanie to your organization and continue the movement."
Alison Quackenbush
Strategy Consultant
"I recently heard Stephanie speak at TedX. Out of all the amazing speakers, she had me nodding yes, and immediately thinking of how to apply her generosity to my own life! She has an effortless gift of inviting people into her giving story that made me want to start right then. Her strong faith shines as she perfectly weaves it into her storytelling. As an event producer, I am often asked to book speakers for corporate events, and Stephanie is now at the top of my list! I can see why she is so in demand!"
Arona Martin
Because Love
"Thank You For Making Our Night Perfect!" "Stephanie is an effervescent person to be around and then you get a wonderful presentation on top of her delightful persona. They say to surround yourself with top-notch people and Stephanie is definitely top-notch."
Angela Crossin
President of Business Women United Network
"Stephanie is a true gem! She is an engaging speaker with a heart of gold. Those who hear her message can't help but be inspired to make a difference in the world. She is genuine, easily relatable and authentic. She is making a difference each and every day!"
Mary Dickey, Executive Director
Margaret Mary Health Community Health
"Stephanie did a fabulous job speaking at our Think Pink event! She had the audience engaged the entire time and was very encouraging! She inspired the women to leave with an action step in mind. It was an uplifting presentation!"
Improvement Team
Margaret Mary Health Community Health
"So this is the 2nd time I've had the privilege of seeing Stephanie and every time I hear her, she brings tears to my eyes because she touches on where we should be more giving and more grateful in how we live our lives."
Leslie Kiefer, Senior Partner
Centier Bank