Get Involved, Bless Others

I often hear people say, “I would love to get involved, but I just don’t know how.”

Getting involved is easy, staying involved is the hard part. It takes commitment, time and money. I can promise that the more you give, the more you get involved, the easier it will be to stay involved.

Ways to get involved

  1. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children– Recycle Card Program
  2. Between Me and You Journals
  3. Donate magazines to libraries and/or hospitals
  4. Global Outreach International – Missionary Support
  5. Boy Scouts of America
  6. Donate airline miles to charity
  7. Volunteer or donate food/money to the local homeless shelter

    Black Tie Bingo
    Black Tie Bingo
  8. TOMS
  9. National Marrow Donor Program
  10. Officer Down Memorial Page
  11. Special Olympics
  12. Shovel snow for a neighbor or shut-in
  13. Donate old eye glasses to the Lions Club
  14. Super Baskets of Hope
  15. Donate blood to the American Red Cross
  16. Phone call to a friend or family member
  17. Baking a goodie for your neighborsIMG_0855
  18. Donate shoes to Soles for Souls
  19. Buy a cup of coffee or a meal for a stranger or friend
  20. Donate to a church
  21. Support your local United Way or Community Foundation
  22. Purchase Girl Scout Cookies
  23. Send a card to a friend, family member or a stranger
  24. Support Patriot Rovers
  25. Cook dinner for your family

    Feed the Need
    Feed the Need

We are selfish people, in today’s society I feel it is often about what is best for ME, how can I help ME, how does it affect ME? When we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about how we can help others is when we start to make a difference and change the world, one person at a time. Start being a Giving Gal...or guy!

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are packed and ready to be delivered!
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are packed and ready to be delivered!

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