Police Wife Support

Stephanie would like to give back to the law enforcement community by providing support, as needed, to wives of law enforcement officers.

Stephanie was raised by a police officer, married a state trooper and even served as a sworn officer herself. She has a unique perspective and has proven you can have a thriving marriage while being a police wife.

Stephanie is excited to share with police wives what she has learned and will help wives:

1. Understand the stresses officers go through on a daily basis

2. Why training is important to both the officer and you as a wife

My LEO and K-9 Boss
My LEO and K-9 Boss

3. Communicating with your spouse (when and how)

4. Dealing with line of duty injuries

5. Coping and surviving a line of duty death of a fellow officer and how to provide support to a grieving spouse

6. Getting involved in law enforcement charities

7. Creating a life for yourself outside of the law enforcement community

8. Having fun and dreaming with your spouse

9. Schedule, sleeps, and lots, lots more!

Stephanie provides complimentary coaching to police wives on a first come first serve basis. Contact her today for an appointment.


  1. Hi Stephanie, I love what you are doing. I am a retired officer (due to a shooting incident and PTSD diagnosis) and am married to an officer (who was shot multiple times and has chronic PTSD). We are volunteering with Badge of Life Canada and I wanted to share our FB page for spouses http://www.facebook.com/PTSDSpousalSupport
    Feel free to like our page.

    • Stephanie Jones Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing! Sorry for the delay. I just saw the comment. I hope all is going well with both of you. Thanks so much for your service.

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