Disorganization and clutter affect every area of your life from physical and mental stress to relationships and finances. Stephanie has been a professional organizer for over ten years (owner of Innovative Organizing) and transitioned from hands on organizing to coaching.

Stephanie will work with you to:

1. Evaluate your disorganized areas (kitchen, office, closets) and discuss daily schedule

2. Establish priorities of where to start and create a plan to systematically eliminate unwanted items and make a home for items you need to keep

Imagine an organized kitchen!
Imagine an organized kitchen!

3. Physically go through each item in the priority space and decide to keep, trash, donate or recycle

4. Create a home for the items you want to keep and containerize and label if necessary.

5. Remove trash, donate and recycling items IMMEDIATELY so they don’t creep back into your home.

6. Finalize maintenance plan to keep your home organized.

7. Change your thinking on eliminating the need for materials things in your life, becoming a minimalist and focus on experiences not things.

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