If you have been hanging around me for the last three years, you know my husband, and I bought a house, stripped it to its bones, and remodeled every floor, door, wall, and everything in between. It was a labor of love. 

Over the past year, my husband started a woodworking business. We both thought that by the time he retired in four years, the business would be built up enough that he'd have his retirement job. 

Well, what's the old saying? "Tell God your plans, and he'll laugh?"

Over the past year, my husband's business has grown so much he's outgrown his current woodshop. We couldn't believe it! Or maybe I could, as his work is impressive.

We wavered for weeks as to what to do. Build on? Sell our dream home? Or just work with what we have and not grow.

With a step of faith, we put our home on the market and thought, "if it sells, we'll move."

In the meantime, we found the perfect property that had a barn the size he'd need to expand and then some. Exciting! There was even enough space for me to hold retreats.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the day we accepted an offer on our house; the following morning, we got word the house we wanted to buy got struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

I kid you not!

Well, okay then. We had a clear sight that was not the right house. But where would we go? Our house was sold, and there was nothing on the market to fit our needs. Trust me; we'd been looking for months.

We ventured out to look at a horse farm. I loved it. It didn't meet our needs, but the property was terrific. I'd have all the trails a girl could ask for. After a few tears and listening to my husband's wise advice, this was not going to be our home.

Moments later, I snuggled in bed, and I swear God told me to look at For Sale By Owner Listings. I did, and there was a house that was just listed. 

I sent it to my hubby, we called, and within 12 hours, we were looking at the house.

It needs work, but the house we are in proved that we aren't scared of work and know how to remodel a home.

It has the barn my husband needs to grow and expand his business. It doesn't have the trails I've grown to love at my current property, but it's six minutes away from a park. That will work!

Friends, if you doubt if God has a plan for your life, He does. But what I have learned over and over again is I must give him 100% control. We handed the beautiful home that we love over to him and controlled where we went next to Him. I can tell you this when he has control, all the stress and anxiety go away. 

Give your next step to God and have a little faith!



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