The post from @rubiofuerte (and I have no idea why I'm following or how I came across him, but I digress) stated:
Nobody cares:

  • What you almost did.
  • What you want to do.
  • What you say you'll do.
  • What you didn't do.
  • What you could have done.
  • What you did a long time ago. 

Just take action!

Yikes! I'd consider myself an action taker and a doer, but this post reminded me to pay attention to my words. Am I holding myself accountable for the things I've committed to doing? Are there activities I'm talking and talking about but never seem to be making progress on? If so, I need to stop talking about that activity or take steps to move me forward. 

The list above is a great reminder to make sure we live life and not just talk about living or living way, way in the past. 

Over the next week, take inventory of the experiences you are chatting about and bounce them against the list above. If you almost did something, want to accomplish a goal, etc., ask yourself why aren't you making progress?

A few weeks back I discussed when it's okay to delay a goal. You may have a legit reason. But if the reason is more of an excuse or downright fear, jot down one action you can take this week that will move you out of the talking phase of your goal to walking that goal forward to accomplishment.

I talk a lot about running and physical challenges, but I haven't done a challenge since February 2020. My spider bite/infection delayed my progress, so I'm committing to you by next week; I'll be signed up for a half-marathon. Let the training begin!

Kick butt this week,

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