How do you make big decisions? I don't know about you, but I look at my current goals and priorities, make a pros and cons list, and finally, I consult my board of directors. 

My board of directors is a group of individuals I go to for their opinion, advice, input, and expertise related to helping me make decisions. 

Back in May, I shared with you an influencer who reached out about helping him write his book. I reached out to my BOD and everyone, but one person said, "Yes! Go for it!"

I have to decide, but they usually bring up questions I hadn't considered and provide a different perspective. 

Do you have a board of directors? If so, fantastic! If not, make a list of people with whom you value their opinion and insight, reach out to them, and ask if they'd be on your BOD. If they say yes, next time a big decision comes your way, reach out to your BOD for input and support!

Having this group of individuals makes my decision-making more thoughtful, and I look at decisions from more angles than in the past.



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