For the past several months, a friend and I have met to check-in and hold each other accountable for a collaborative book project. 

Last month we got so excited about the project we set a goal to launch the book by the New Year.

Over the past month, as I worked on two other new books (which you can pre-order now!), Thank You Notes to God, a prayer & gratitude journal, and Giving Gal, my first children's book, I knew our deadline was too aggressive.

Both books have hit hiccups with design and printing. If these same issues arose with this new project, I have not allowed any wiggle room in our plan, hence setting us up for failure.  

Yesterday I met with my friend, and he brought up the timeline. Whew! What a relief! We both had the same doubts. I'm grateful we were honest with ourselves and each other.

As we chatted through the project, we realized we wouldn't deliver the best product for the reader if we stuck with our quick timeline. Adding several extra months gives us more time to tighten the writing, add resources, and ensure the book is excellent, not just good.

I'm not one to often recommend delaying a goal, but there are times when it is okay. 

  1. The original target deadline was unrealistic.
  2. Progress is being made. The delay isn't because you haven't put in the work.
  3. The delay makes the project, trip, product, etc., better. 
  4. A goal/project with a more pressing deadline pops up. Sometimes we have to be willing to adjust and be flexible.
  5. Life happens, and you are not physically capable (safely) of completing your goal. For example, getting bit by a spider and then getting an infection delayed all my physical goals for 2021. They pushed to 2022. 

There is no time like the present to evaluate your goals for the year. Do any need adjusting? If so, don't get down about the change; remind yourself you are setting yourself up for success. 


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