When he gets up at 3 am to walk me to the bus for a race, my husband's face is a not-so-happy look.

This is also the face he makes when I forget his birthday.

Yes! The Giving Gal forgot her husband's birthday.

It hit me at noon, the day of his birthday, and I couldn't believe I forgot.

Poor guy left for work and got the usual hugs, kisses, love you, and be safe.

I share this because sometimes I fail. And I fail big time. 

This is from the gal that has given a gift almost every day for ten years. Yes, a decade, and I forgot my husband's birthday!

He could ask for a boat right now, and I'd probably say yes...lol! 

I wrote a blog last year about giving up guilt. Well, friends, she's come back with a vengeance.

I write this half to be funny and a half to say; no one is perfect. That even in areas of life where we are our best, we will still stumble and fall. 

That okay. 

That is life. 

Get up. Wipe the tears. Say I'm sorry if it's necessary, and move forward.

I shared this blunder on social media, and I'm amazed at the messages and responses I've received. What we see on social media is just a glimpse into someone's world, and often, life appears grand and perfect. But, unfortunately, that is usually not the case. 

We need to do a better job of sharing our failures, messes, and the not-so-perfect times in our lives with our friends and family. Social media has done wonders, negatively, for many and their mental health. People compare their life to the lives they see of their friends. When in reality, their friends are struggling just the same or maybe even more. It's just hidden behind the lens of a snapshot in time, then posted on social media.

Next time you want to compare your life to something you see on social media, stop and remember, the Giving Gal forgot her husband's birthday, and the life we see isn't always what is going on.



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  1. Theresa Valade Reply

    Stephanie, I love all your blogs and notes but this one stood out for me today. No ones life is perfect despite the perception. I spent a good portion of my life comparing myself to others. This mindset only wore me out versus embracing the gifts God gave me. Fast forward to today, I strive for a life of joy and peace despite my circumstance. This is a daily battle I fight in my head but I get better and better everyday.

    • Oh thank you for all of your continued support. I love to hear about your mindset shift. Thank you for sharing.

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