This past week I gave a presentation, and honestly, when I finished, I didn't know how I performed. But, I had a lot of doubt. 

Within moments of finishing, someone from the audience texted me, "That went really well! Nice job!"


I was grateful for the immediate feedback. 

Later, when I chatted with my bff, she said, "You are always so much harder on yourself. You always doubt how well you do when you always do great!"

She was right. 

Why do we doubt?

Sometimes we lack confidence in the work we are doing, but other times I think it has to do with perfectionist tendencies. I know for me, when I'm walking into new territory, I think of all the things that someone may or may not like. So I focus on constructive criticism vs. all the positive feedback. 

Next time you make a big presentation, give a sales pitch, interview for a new job, or pursue a new goal, dig a hole and dump doubt in it. 

And a gift we can give others is to ensure we provide positive feedback and any constructive criticism. So let's always strive to lift people up instead of tearing them down.



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