Can you believe the first quarter of the year is over? Three months down and nine to go before we begin another new year.

Now is a fabulous time to reflect on the year and decide if we are moving in the right direction. It is never too late to course-correct.

Here are five questions of reflection:

  1. Is there one change I could make in the morning that would improve my day?
    Maybe it is getting up 15 minutes earlier to sit in the quiet. Or what about reaching for your Bible first versus the phone. For me, I started drinking a glass of water before my first cup of coffee. It feels like a small win as I tackle staying hydrated each day.
  1. How did I give to myself?
    Oh, this could be a tough one. Are you looking back and do not remember any time you spent on yourself? I know for me, I usually get a monthly massage, but they fell off my radar. Massage helps me in so many ways. Guess what I am doing today? Scheduling a massage! What do you need to book on your calendar for you?
  1. Did I stick to my budget?
    You might say, "Stephanie, I don't even have a budget!" No worries, review your expenses from January-March, look at your incoming income. Do they match? Can you save? Are there areas you need to cut back? I recommend the budget exercise monthly, but each quarter is good if you do not have time for monthly. Something is better than nothing.
  1. What goals did I set in January? Am I on track? If not, why? And what step do I need to take to get back on track? If yes, yippee! What do I need to do to keep the momentum?
    My physical goals are half and half. I have been physically working towards them, but I haven't signed up for any of the events. Registration is a priority for me in April!
  1. What am I grateful for over the past couple of months?
    Gratitude is always a great tool to reset our mindset and attitude. Let us begin a new month with an attitude of gratitude!

Let me know, did you like this exercise? Was it helpful? Would you like me to create a couple of pages you can download and fill out?

Here's to a fabulous second quarter!


Inspirational Speaker and Award-Winning Author of “The Giving Challenge: 40 Days to a More Generous Life” and "The Gratitude Challenge: 41 Days to a Happier, Healthier, & More Content Life"

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