Here in northern Indiana, inches, and inches of snow fell from the sky and blanketed the ground. My husband hopped on the 4-wheeler with a plow and began moving the snow around to clear off our driveway. 

I grabbed a shovel and worked on the sidewalks. My job took less time, but my hubby seemed to be having way more fun as he sped up and down the driveway with a big smile on his face. 

After I finished shoveling the sidewalks, I slipped my boots into my snowshoes, grabbed my hiking poles, and hit the trails. Some areas had been untouched by nature, and other spots looked like a racetrack where deer, squirrels, and rabbits sped along the cleared paths.

As I worked my way through the woods that lined our driveway, I noticed my husband standing in the middle with a garden shovel, not a snow shovel. What in the world was he doing?

I glided off the trail and clickity clacked up the driveway. The closer I got to my husband, a big heart revealed itself in the driveway. 

Oh, I loved it!

What a thoughtful gift. I wrapped my husband in a big bear hug, thanking him for such a sweet gesture. 

When we got into the house, I looked out the living room window and commented how I loved looking out the window seeing the heart.

He responded, "I made it so you could look out your office window and see it while you are working."

Wow! He had put some thought into the heart. My office is on the second story and overlooks a portion of the driveway.

As we head into the month of love, find simple ways to say I love you.  

Maybe it is a heart in the driveway, cooking someone's family meal, drawing hearts on your sidewalk, sending out Valentine's day cards, or better yet, carrying a few around to hand out to strangers. No matter what gifts you give this month, put a little heart and soul into them.

How will you show and share the love this month?



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