I'm grateful for the opportunity to vote early, as I'm heading out on an adventure on the 3rd.
With an hour to wait, I took the opportunity to get to know the lady in front of me.
I gotta be honest, she struck up a conversation with me. I welcomed the distraction, as I was not dressed to stand outside in the cold.
We didn't talk politics, even though we were there to vote.
I have no idea if she was a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or writing in a vote for Kanye West.
We found common ground in chatting why were voting early.
That discussion led to me sharing about my life as an author and a speaker.
We moved onto chatting about travel, where we discovered we both want to visit Italy.
We ended on the topic of running. In her late 60s she's still an avid runner. And even though she doesn't feel safe to hit the roads at 4:30am, she still hops on her treadmill.
In the hour we stood out in the cold, my shivers subsided, and my heart warmed with a new friendship, even just for the hour.
If we shut off the news and stop scrolling through social media, we'll discover we have way more in common than we think.
Who will you meet at the polls?



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