This past week my college friend, Carrie, posted about a tradition she started for her family, the Countdown to Christmas.

I love the idea, and even though she starts it for her boys on December 1, you could begin at any time of the month.  

And if you are like me and don't have children in the house, you can still implement some of these ideas in your household or put together a care package for a neighbor, family member, or friend.

Here's what my friend Carrie had to say, "Many are wondering how to make the most of the 2020 holidays. Many plans have changed. Home more often than not. How to help the kids (and parents) still have fun and celebrate?

Well, we have spent many holiday months at home. But I still LOVE holiday hoopla. Shortly after having Brayden, we started a Countdown to Christmas. It may have been born out of parent guilt of not leaving the house much... but it is still something we do every year; it has become a tradition.

Each morning, starting December 1, I set out a "gift" for Countdown to Christmas. Most items are things we already have and just bringing out to celebrate/decorate for Christmas. It takes a little planning, but over the years, I have a tub of the items ready to pull out of storage and learn to add items to my grocery cart starting now.

Some of the things we have done over the years for Countdown to Christmas:

Countdown Clock

Advent calendar - you know those candy ones

Nativity set they can play with

Christmas Books can do different books to debut different days

Grinch Stole Christmas book and listen to audiobook along with it (it is the guy’s voice from the original movie). Then the following night, watch the original Grinch movie.

Peanuts Nativity set and watch the Peanuts Christmas movie

Cozy Christmas blankets for each boy

Christmas sheets and pillows for their beds

A little tree for their room or playroom

Kits to make their ornaments - I typically got the clear plastic balls and then stuff from the dollar store they can stuff in them like glitter, pompoms, etc.

Get out the Christmas mugs with some festive hot chocolate

Candy canes with a book about the story of the candy cane

Christmas lights for their room or playroom

Christmas movie and popcorn

Acts of service – delivery toys to hospital, etc.

A clue or something relating to whatever we were doing that day: getting a Christmas tree, seeing lights, going to ICE, zoo lights, a party, etc.

Small Christmas wreath for them to decorate (with things from the dollar store) and hang in a room

Cookie tools and ingredients to help make Christmas cookies

Special seasonal drink or soda, or eggnog

Christmas underwear and socks

Christmas candy

Christmas ice-cream - eggnog or peppermint stick

Christmas themed snacks

Christmas themed games

Christmas pajamas

Christmas Coloring books or Mad-libs

Cards to help write/draw notes to send to people for Christmas

Wrapping paper - they help wrap presents for their brothers

One night of shopping - I would take the boys out Christmas shopping so they could pick things out for the brothers, then get Chick-fil-a peppermint milkshake

Foam balls to have an indoor snowball fight

Having teenage boys, the Countdown Christmas mostly involves food and making food, Christmas flannel sheets, decorating their rooms, ways to give back, etc."

Your holiday season may look different this year, but you can still make the holiday season festive and fun!



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