As we move into the final week before the election, I want to challenge myself, and my community, to step up our giving, but not monetarily.  

As we engage with our family, friends, and strangers, before responding, whether in person, on social media, or via text, let us respond in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Giving others the benefit of the doubt
  2. Speaking a kind word
  3. Showing grace
  4. Providing a listening ear
  5. Wrapping them in love
  6. Focusing on understanding instead of debating or responding
  7. Practicing gratitude
  8. Lifting others up in prayer

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  1. Stephanie, I love today’s challenge! I am always all about giving if one’s self – actions that do not cost money but might cost time or mental energy. The constant begging for funds really turns me off. I have never believed that throwing money at something is an effective answer – it’s simply throwing away money. Your idea today is MUCH more effective.
    You can make a BIG difference in a small community.
    Have an AMAZING day!

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