Friends, I'm not the best cook. What about you? Do you enjoy being in the kitchen and whipping up a fabulous meal for family and friends?

I do a good enough job to get by for my husband and me, but when I open my home, what will my guests eat, is a question that causes a bit of stress an anxiety. 

This past week I opened my home, to friend and fellow entrepreneur, Sarah Harmeyer, with Neighbor's Table. She drove from Texas to deliver tables, and we had an opportunity to catch up. I even interviewed her for my podcast. The episode will post soon, so make sure you are subscribed, to hear all the details about how to love our neighbor, and Sarah's big goal that led her to launching her business.

I had all the good intentions of making a yummy meal for us. I envisioned as she walked into my home that glorious scents would flow from the kitchen, welcoming her at the front door.

Well, my busy schedule, unexpected meetings, and remembering the guest room sheets needed washed, threw off my entire day, and left no time to make a home cook meal.

When Sarah pulled up in the driveway, in her big yellow truck and walked through the door, at 7:00 p.m., I pulled out the DoorDash app, and asked her what she wanted. In the past I would have been embarrassed and felt guilty of my lack of the appearance of being the perfect host. But remember, I gave up guilt. If you need a reminder, check it out here.

While we waited for the dasher to arrive, we sat in the living room, catching up on life. When the food arrived, we filled our plates, grabbed drinks, and gathered at the table to continue our conversation. 

What I've realized time and time again, is that my friends, and even strangers, who enter my home, aren't focused on having a meal I pulled out of the oven. What they appreciate is feeling welcomed, loved, comfortable, and engaged.  

The next time you have the opportunity to welcome someone into your home, but don't have time to cook a gourmet meal, be okay with take out, or like I've done in the past, pop a pizza in the oven and grab a good bottle of wine. Simple and easy is a tip I use, to open my home to more people, with little stress. Who will you invite to your home next?



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