I'm a sugaraholic. Is that even a word? If not, add it to the Webster's dictionary, as I know many people that would join in me a Sugaraholic Anonymous group.  Three weeks ago, my friend Kelsey texted me and asked if I wanted to give up sugar with her. Initially I said no, because I was headed to San Jose for a Coaching Summit. I knew they'd have yummy sweets and I didn't want to miss out. But I slept on the request and the next morning I woke up and realized, I'm always going to have travels. I'm booked out traveling and attending events until mid-November and then the holiday season begins. The next day, I sent her a text, "I'm in!"  

It's been three weeks with no refined sugar, I'm still eating a fruit or two each day, but otherwise, no chocolate, cupcakes, pie or cheesecake. Boo!  Within days, my aches and pains cleaned up. Here I am three weeks later, and I'm sleeping better, more energy, no cravings, and I've lost five pounds. 

If you are struggling with sugar, join me in cutting the sugar, and start the path to a healthier life.



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  1. Our company is doing a no sugar challenge and I am on board. It is a “check mark” daily and if you screw up, it’s okay, start over the next day. I started July 29, a few days before the actual August 1 challenge. It was hard but I have beat it. I have only had 3 days of eating a small amount of sugar during the last 16 days. You’re right! My energy is great and I am not sluggish. Haven’t weighed yet but I sure feel better and feel like I’ve lost but either way, it is making a difference in my energy level!

  2. Denise Robinson Reply

    Please say a prayer for my family and I. I am going through one of the toughest times in my life and just need a special prayer.I DO NOT WAN TO GIVE UP,but its sooo hard. Im about to be evicted from my home and haven’t been able to eat properly. I have NO where to turn.
    Thank You,
    Denise Robinson

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