I saw courage in action this past week, and even though we'd just met the night before, I sat in my chair, cheering Lisa on, soaking in her success.

I wanted to remember the moment. I wanted her to remember the moment, so I snapped a picture.

It was the last day of the Write-to-Publish Conference. I'd taken the children's book writer's track with award-winning author Michelle Medlock Adams. She's written over 90 books, which have sold over four million copies. 

We as writer's can have those in the industry review and critique our manuscripts. Lisa submitted a children's book to Michelle to review. As we walked into the classroom, Michelle shared with Lisa how much she loved her book. It needed to be shortened, but it was fabulous!

I snapped a picture of Michelle giving Lisa the feedback, as I wanted Lisa to have the moment documented. It was a little gift I gave her. I said, "Lisa, when you get home, you print out this picture and you put it where you can see it. If you ever doubt your writing, if you want to give up and quit, you look at this picture and be reminded of the moment Michelle raved about your book."

At the end of the class, Lisa read her book to us. OH...MY...WORD!!! You know someone is a good children's writer when they are reading, and you can envision the pictures that will go with the story. I flipped through the book in my mind. And I can't wait for her book to be published and for me to share it with all of you.

It took courage for Lisa to share her manuscript. When we share our gifts with the world, we open ourselves up to criticism and critiques. Sometimes we keep our talents hidden for the fear of being rejected. I talked about this last week, how I'd stepped out and took a risk, but got scared hours before I was to share my gift with an audience of women. But friends, if we never step out in faith, into uncomfortable waters, we'll never know what it feels like to receive praise, to take our dream to the next level and maybe, just maybe, change someone's life.

Is there a book, a poem, a painting, or a craft project you've been hiding from the world? If so, I challenge you to share it. And if you get rejected, that's okay. Why? Because then you will know, you don't have to spin the what if in your head. And then you can decide, just like writers, do I get back and work on the feedback provided, or do I hit delete and start over? The choice is yours.

What would you like to share with the world? If you aren't ready for the big time, share it with me. I'll encourage you and cheer you on until you are ready. 



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  1. Denise Wertenberger Reply

    Stephanie, you ARE the gift.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  2. Stephanie!

    You ‘re so inspiring to me. I love reading your newsletters, I always know there will such empowering and uplifting words. I too am a big fan of Vision/Dream boards. I help woman set goals, step into their confidence and stand tall with their boards for an incredible future.

    I am working on a children’s book about my Jack Russel Hunter. I attend a writer’s group and we give each other feedback and the love to keep moving forward with our dreams. It’s so encouraging to be in the presence of the empowering group that wants the same thing I do. I will continue to take one step forward in my dream to be a published author. So exciting.

    Thank you for your newsletters


    • Susan-This is awesome! I love hearing all that you are doing. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for supporting me and my dream. Keep me updated on the book!

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