"Whatever you resist, persists. The more you fight a feeling, the more it controls you."

In reading The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren, this quote smacked me in the face.  I would replace "feeling" with "task," but it's true.

My last newsletter I shared the resistance I'd faced with some of the creative projects I'd been putting off.  And as I processed Rick's words, I thought, "The more I kick the can down the road of not acting on my projects, the longer it takes me to get a project done. The longer my anxiety and stress persist surrounding these projects. Why do I want to keep doing this to myself? I'm in control of my actions or inaction."

Over the past couple of weeks, I've acted. And what I discovered is that what I resisted, wasn't as bad as I'd built up in my head.

Last time I shared about working on my book edits, which I've avoided for weeks, I was stuck. But guess what, once I opened the document I was able to spend hours going through all the edits.  I'm not done, but I've made incredible progress.

And my tax paperwork I've been putting off? After several frustrating moments trying to download my W-2 and wanting to quit, I kept plugging away. And now my taxes are filed, checks are mailed, and I don't have to worry about the good old IRS for another year. Yay!

And finally, working out and decreasing my sugar intake. Well, I'm not going to lie, I'd give myself a C.  Some days I did well, and other days was a complete disaster. But I'll keep plugging away at this goal because a healthy life is important to me.

What are you resisting in life that keeps persisting?  Is it work, a goal, a relationship, your health? Whatever it is, we are in this together. Work this week to take a step, in one area, in the right direction.  Don't let that feeling or task control you any longer!



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