People ask me if they can use my book, The Giving Challenge, for Sunday school classes, small groups, and Bible studies. My short answer is Yes!

My longer answer is, yes and I’m working on companion materials. Just like writing the book, this is all new to me. So I’m starting where I did with the book…a lot of research.

A gal I never met lent me her old Bible study materials to research. I met her at her church this morning, and while waiting for her, I received a gift.

A Conversation with a Stranger

I was sitting there waiting, and an older lady walked up to me and said, “You are so beautiful. I love your hair. And you have the most beautiful smile. It fits you. You know, some people’s smile don’t fit them. Never lose your smile.”

A simple compliment is what I needed. I’m like any other woman and often don’t feel beautiful. Just ask my husband. He’s over it! He and others don’t see what I see up close in the mirror. Well, friends, the mirror is a liar! But it takes a lot to change our self-image; this is why your words are so important. It’s such a gift to tell people they are beautiful, both inside and out.

We chatted a little while longer and finally shook hands and exchanged names. Her name was Isabel, but her friends call her Izzy. I’m not sure how it came up, but I learned she was 88. Let me just say, and I told her also, she looked AMAZING for 88.

She said. “I never thought I would make it this long.”

I asked what her secret was to looking so great and she said, ” I walk a lot. I walk every morning and every evening.”

Good advice.

Giving Challenge

Your giving challenge for today… be like Izzy. Give a sincere compliment and make some feel special today.



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Stephanie Jones and her husband, Mike, live in Northwest, IN and enjoy lake life and travel. Stephanie is the author of The Giving Challenge-40 Days to a More Generous Life (on sale NOW!), a speaker, life success coach, and a daily giver. She challenges people to live their dream, discover their gifts, and do amazing things!

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