December 2014


I’m a vision gal. Things will pop in my head, I’ll write it down in a journal and if I can’t shake the idea I’ll write it on my 8 foot whiteboard that hangs in my office. That is how Giving Gal was created. It was a thought I couldn’t shake and eventually I started taking steps to make my dream of being a life coach and motivational speaker a reality.

After starting Giving Gal I knew I wanted to give back in a tangible way. I had read Blake Mycoskie’s book Start Something That Matters and after reading the book t-shirts popped into my head. If you don’t know Blake is the founded of TOMS shoes, a product and company I admire. I own eight pairs of the shoes and give them quite often as gifts to my mom, sister and niece. I wanted Giving Gal to make a difference in a big way, just like TOMS.

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are packed and ready to be delivered!
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are packed and ready to be delivered!

You might be thinking, you are a life coach/motivational speaking company, why get into the business of selling t-shirts. It’s simple, well in my mind it was simple. I can give away coaching sessions, which at times I do to help someone that I really feel can benefit from my service, but just can’t afford it. I give discounts on my speaking to nonprofit organizations if I feel I can justify my time and costs. But these are things people don’t see. And yes, I’m fully aware that people don’t need to see our acts of kindness, that is why I don’t publish the amount of hours of coaching and speaking I donate or discount, it doesn’t really matter. But I also want to be an example to other for profit businesses. I want people, anyone who comes in contact with my company to feel like they can make a difference. Not everyone needs a life coach, but everyone needs or maybe wants a comfy t-shirt. Especially a shirt that is helping a child in need. I also chose a t-shirt because selfishly I love t-shirts and wanted to create something that was comfy, soft, motivating and gives back!

So how does me selling a t-shirt help a child in need? Well it’s simple. For every t-shirt I sell, I donate a t-shirt to an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox. Why Operation Christmas Child? Well, I have been been filling shoeboxes for children in need for may years. This year 216! Also, millions of boxes are packed each year and the boxes are distributed around the world. No matter how many shirts I sell, I’ll never run out of a place to donate shirts to children in need and the message of love, hope and giving will literally go around the world!

I hope you’ll support my Shirts for Shoeboxes endeavor and help me make a difference…one shirt at a time!

So how do you get a shirt? Check out my store at

I’ve created a quick video on my shirts and Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. Check it out here!

Click here to learn more about Operation Christmas Child.

My Ford Edge is loaded with 216 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!
My Ford Edge is loaded with 216 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!