Sign-Up for a Charity 5k

The Giving Challenge- Day 18

Sign-up for a Charity 5k The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and greenery is peeking through the dirt giving me hope Spring is around the corner. Warmer temperatures not only mean a changing of the seasons but charity 5ks are popping up everywhere. Here are seven reasons you should sign-up for a 5k: 1. […]

Support a Small Business and Shop Local

The Giving Challenge- Day 17

Support Small Businesses and Shop Local Did you know there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States? I’ve found small businesses to be more personable and are what help make a community great. Many small businesses are also involved in philanthropic initiatives in their communities If you are in Northwest Indiana, I […]

Be a Cheerleader!

The Giving Challenge- Day 7

Several years ago Joellyn bravely stood up in one of my dream board workshops and shared a dream she’d never shared with anyone. She wanted to write a book. She had zero experience but it was dream God laid on her heart. After the workshop, Joellyn signed up for my coaching. As they say, the […]

Take The Giving Challenge

Launching February 14th!

ENGAGE and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to go on 40-Day Giving Journey! Instead of giving up chips, wine or sweets, what if you gave away something each and every day for 40-Days, changing the lives of those you encounter and in the end, changing your life? It’s easy to participate! 1) Each morning I’ll post a […]

Cupcake Dreamer

How Giving Can Inspire You to Take Action on Your Dreams

I love cupcakes! I love baking cupcakes. I love eating cupcakes. And I LOVE giving away cupcakes, especially ones I’ve baked with love in my kitchen. For years I had a big problem. My cupcakes tasted fantastic, but they were…well… ugly. I didn’t know how to decorate them. I would grab a can of icing, […]

The Day My Life Changed in an Instant

How Tragedy Made Me Wake Up and Love the Life I Live

In an instant, our lives can change on a dime. A horrific car crash, a divorce filing, or a sudden job loss. I usually think of “in an instant” as a bad thing. Like eight years ago today, in an instant, my college friend Leslie, was gone after a brave battle with cancer. She was […]