Sign-Up for a Charity 5k

The Giving Challenge- Day 18

Sign-up for a Charity 5k The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and greenery is peeking through the dirt giving me hope Spring is around the corner. Warmer temperatures not only mean a changing of the seasons but charity 5ks are popping up everywhere. Here are seven reasons you should sign-up for a 5k: 1. […]

Support a Small Business and Shop Local

The Giving Challenge- Day 17

Support Small Businesses and Shop Local Did you know there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States? I’ve found small businesses to be more personable and are what help make a community great. Many small businesses are also involved in philanthropic initiatives in their communities If you are in Northwest Indiana, I […]

Surprise Your Accountant

The Giving Challenge- Day 16

Do Something Kind for Your Accountant Tax time is stressful! Not only if you have to pay but for your accountant. Our accountant runs a one-man show and does taxes for over 600 people plus businesses. Our accountant shared how much paper and ink he goes through, so today I shipped him a package of […]

Celebrate a Birthday

The Giving Challenge- Day 14

Celebrate a Birthday Do you send birthday cards? Or maybe you have good intentions but before you know it a friend’s birthday crept up on you and you have no gift or card. Look at your calendar. Is a special someone’s birthday approaching? What step can you take today so you’ll be prepared to celebrate […]

Make Someone Laugh

The Giving Challenge- Day 13

Make Someone Laugh Several years ago we were in the Dominican Republic and every day we spent time getting to know the resort staff. We liked the amenities but LOVED the people. We want to go back just to hang out with the staff. We witnessed a servant’s heart daily. This is one of my […]

Buy a Cup of Coffee

The Giving Challenge- Day 12

Buy a Cup of Coffee Anytime I’m with my mom and sister we are on the hunt for the nearest Starbucks. Someone always picks up the tab. We don’t keep track. It’s usually whoever is first in line says, “I’ve got this!” Today, whether to a friend, family member or stranger, step up and say, […]

Spend Quality Time with a Loved One

The Giving Challenge- Day 11

Spend Quality Time with a Loved One My husband worked close to 70 hours this week so yesterday and this morning we spent quality time together. The number of hours invested in each other doesn’t matter but how we are spending the time we do have does. No cell phones. But lots of dreaming, planning […]

Send an Encouraging Text

The Giving Challenge- Day 10

Send an Encouraging Text I recently started writing articles for a police magazine and I submitted my second article today. My husband is my proofreader and after he read the article he sent me the texts below. They totally made my day! My husband is as honest as they come and if there was an […]

Share a Memory

The Giving Challenge-Day 9

Share a Memory Last week my friend posted this newspaper clipping on FB. 25 years ago, the reserve basketball team I played on finished the season with a perfect 18-0 record. What a fun memory! My friend tagged the players and we were all commenting and engaging with each other. Over the years I’ve been […]