Share a Memory

The Giving Challenge-Day 9

Share a Memory Last week my friend posted this newspaper clipping on FB. 25 years ago, the reserve basketball team I played on finished the season with a perfect 18-0 record. What a fun memory! My friend tagged the players and we were all commenting and engaging with each other. Over the years I’ve been […]

Reach Out to Someone Grieving

The Giving Challenge- Day 8

Reach Out to Someone Grieving Over the past couple of months, I’ve had friends lose parents, grandparents, friends, and pets. I’m sure you have also. The loss for the person never goes away so they will always appreciate your caring gesture. Here are a few ways to reach out… *Send a check-in text *Schedule a […]

Be a Cheerleader!

The Giving Challenge- Day 7

Several years ago Joellyn bravely stood up in one of my dream board workshops and shared a dream she’d never shared with anyone. She wanted to write a book. She had zero experience but it was dream God laid on her heart. After the workshop, Joellyn signed up for my coaching. As they say, the […]

Share Your Talent

The Giving Challenge-Day 6

Do you have a talent but it’s going to waste? Life got busy and your talent got buried in the bottom of a plastic container stored under the basement stairs. Or maybe your talent is something you love but you don’t think you’re “good enough” to share with the world. You may think, “What if […]

Give to Yourself


📚Give to Yourself Do you give, give, give but never take time to give to yourself? I feel your pain. When I was on my Giving journey, giving a gift every day for 522, when I missed a day I was both devastated and relieved. Why? I was tired! I took a break to rejuvenate. […]

Smile at Strangers


Smile at Strangers Walk down any street in the US and pay attention to the number of people passing by with smiles on their face. I’ve noticed, at times, it is hard to find one. What I’ve also realized is if I smile, and make eye contact, chances are I get a smile back. Brighten […]

Give Away Valentines

The Giving Challenge-Day 1

Give away Valentines. 💘 There are so many ways to celebrate Valentines Day, big and small. -Buy a box of Valentine’s, write a sweet note and give them to strangers (if you are feeling extra generous include candy) -Put a love note in your spouse’s car or in your child’s backpack -Bring heart-shaped cookies or […]

Take The Giving Challenge

Launching February 14th!

ENGAGE and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to go on 40-Day Giving Journey! Instead of giving up chips, wine or sweets, what if you gave away something each and every day for 40-Days, changing the lives of those you encounter and in the end, changing your life? It’s easy to participate! 1) Each morning I’ll post a […]