Make Someone Happy

The Giving Challenge- Day #29

Did you know that giving to others not only makes the receiver happy but the giver? Today is International Day of Happiness. Find a way to make someone happy and in return, it will make you happy. A win-win for everyone involved! Blessings, Stephanie P.S. Haven’t read The Giving Challenge? Purchase Now! Never miss a […]

Recognize a Coworker

The Giving Challenge- Day #28

I don’t know about you but many days I bounce from meeting to meeting or I’m tied to a computer screen answering emails. I’m in a zone, checking off tasks on my to-do list. I rely on coworkers to help with projects, solve problems and so much more. I’m sure many of you are in […]

Donate to a Food Pantry

The Giving Challenge- Day #27

This weekend the local high school national honors society members collected food for the food pantry. I’m grateful that at a moments notice I was able to fill a couple of bags. You can help out in four easy steps: 1. Locate your community food pantry. 2. Make a list of most needed items. 3. […]

Compliment a Stranger

The Giving Challenge- Day #25

Over the years, I’ve learned no matter where I am or who I’m with I can always find a way to compliment those I encounter. Here are a few examples: Those are snazzy shoes. You have a great smile. You look great in pink! Your ring is gorgeous. You have a beautiful family. I don’t […]

Enter the Big Book Giveaway

The Giving Challenge- Day #23

This past year Pastor Matt Brough interviewed me for his podcast, Spirituality for Ordinary People (link in comments). He is giving away 24 books in The Big God Book Giveaway. Amazing books from great authors like my friends Paul J. Sohn and Bethany Jett: Live Brilliant. And oh! The Giving Challenge by yours truly😂 Today, […]

Leave a Generous Tip

The Giving Challenge- Day 22

Going out to dinner tonight or sometime this weekend? Leave a generous tip and pay it forward in memory of Emily Huntington. “Emily was 18 years old when she was killed in a single car accident. She was texting and driving. She was an amazing girl who had everything going for her. Unfortunately, her life […]

Be Polite on the Road

The Giving Challenge- Day #21

Your day can begin or end with stress and anger due to how you choose to react to those on the road. Today, and moving forward, be polite. Smile, instead of yelling, at a passerby. Wave someone to cut in front of you. Flash the peace sign instead of the finger. Move over for bicyclists, […]

Giving Hugs

The Giving Challenge- Day #20

Did you know hugs are a natural anxiety and stress reliever? When I’m down, tired, or stressed my hubby’s hugs provide me an immediate pick me up. I wonder if we are getting and giving enough hugs? Let’s fix that if we are not! Today, see how many hugs you can give. Want to stretch […]

Pick up Litter

The Giving Challenge-Day 19

Spring is around the corner and with the snow melting, I’ve noticed the ground is littered with trash. With a bag in hand, take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash. Together we can beautify our communities so all we see in the Spring is lush green grass and colorful flowers! Blessings, Stephanie […]