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*Spirituality for Normal People: Giving Gifts with the Giving Gal (June 27, 2017) *Giving Back Podcast: 500 Days of Giving- Stephanie Jones with The Giving Challenge (June 5, 2017) *Discover Freedom Project: (Guest Post): How Giving Set Me Free (March 13, 2017) *Happyness in Action- Take the Giving Challenge – with Stephanie L. Jones (February […]

Celebrating National Clutter Awareness Week- How Do I Start to Get Organized?

Do you have clutter in your home? Do you need to get organized? This week is National Clutter Awareness Week and what better way to celebrate than to start getting organized! As a professional organizer I understand that getting organized can be overwhelming. One of the top sayings I hear from clients is, “I just […]