The Giving Challenge

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The Giving Challenge: 40 Days to a More Generous Life

A simple challenge for a richer life

The Giving Challenge by Stephanie L. JonesWhat began as a New Year’s resolution, a challenge to give a daily gift for a month, thrust Stephanie into an adventure–from befriending a crying stranger at the airport to giving away a pencil collection she started as a child.

One month turned into 500 days, and five years later Stephanie’s daily giving is a way of life, changing her in ways she never imagined.

The Giving Challenge inspires you to focus on others for forty days. What you’ll discover will surprise you and delight others!

Stephanie shares some of her favorite gifts and stories from her journey, including stories from people like you, who dared to dream about the power of giving, and put their dreams into action.

The Giving Challenge will show you how you can make a difference, without a lot of time or money. In the process, you’ll learn to lead a richer life.
– Harvey McKinnon, co-author, The Power of Giving

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