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Drawing from over a decade of speaking experience and a vast array of adventures and careers, Stephanie exudes enthusiasm for motivating others through public speaking. Stephanie’s heart lies in encouraging others to live their DREAMs, helping them to DISCOVER their gifts, and challenges everyone to DO amazing and generous things along life’s journey. Each speaking opportunity whether it’s for a women conferences, breakout sessions, church service, moms groups, college events or leadership conference, Stephanie welcomes the challenge of creating custom talks tailored to your specific needs and desires.

“You’ll Come Away Better Informed and Inspired!”
“Stephanie is always well prepared and enthusiastic in her delivery. Anyone listening will come away better informed and perhaps more importantly, inspired to think about how they too can make a difference. Barb Young, President of Porter County Community Foundation


“Her Challenge Changed My Life!”
” Stephanie is so inspiring. Her personal testimonies motivated me to look for the good in all people and make a difference to people every day. I have taken her “365-day Make a Difference to Someone Everyday” challenge. It has changed my life. It challenged me to focus on others every single day and has now become my way of life. It’s exciting to find different things to do to show kindness to people each day. -Deanna Young, Women’s Ministry Team, First Baptist Greensburg, IN


Popular topics include:

  • The Giving Challenge: Making a Difference in the Moment: We were called to do great things and make a significant impact in the world. We often get caught up in our day-to-day lives, and we don’t take the time to stop and look around at all the opportunities God has put in our path to make a difference. You may not have been called to a foreign nation to spread the gospel, but you can make your community your mission field. Stephanie will share her “500 Days of Giving” journey. Your audience will be inspired and learn how to make changes in their daily life to make a difference in the world. By participating in The Giving Challenge, your audience will leave with a plan to become more generous and happier than ever imagined.


  • Designing Dreams: Making Dreams a Reality: Challenge your group to embark on an interview experience where they will design a dream board that will assist them in their journey to making their dreams a reality. Stephanie will walk your group through the importance of unlimited brainstorming, being creative, and dreaming big! Through this process Stephanie will empower your group to navigate obstacles and encourage them to find time for themselves, to live out their life long dreams. Leading by example, Stephanie will share her incredible journey of how tragedy catapulted her into designing her dreams and making them a reality. Your audience will walk away with a dream board they can hang on their wall and a written action plan for accomplishing one or more of their BIG DREAMS! Remember: “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln


  • Giving Out of Debt: The Impossible is Possible: Stephanie will share how she and her husband dug themselves out of seemingly crippling debt while continuing to give. They are now living life to the fullest completely DEBT FREE! Your audience will leave with a list of tips, tricks and potential pitfalls and ways to use them to join her in living a debt free life. If she can do it, you can too!


  • Faith in Infertility: How to Thrive During Difficult Times: Stephanie will share her 12-year journey with infertility. Even through all the ups and down, one element remains constant: her FAITH and capability to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST regardless of the trials and tribulations that life brings. Your audience will gain useful tips on remaining positive through difficult times.


  • Unexpected Friendships: Befriending the Unknown: Everyday, whether through texting, chatting on the phone or simply conversing over coffee, we make the time to connect with our friends. Typically, we surround ourselves with friends of the same age, race, religion, and socioeconomic status. But what happens when we step outside of our comfort zones and take the time to get to know the unfamiliar? Doing so may result in a uniquely unexpected friendship. Stephanie will share her rewarding experiences and challenge your audience to make friendships they’d never expect!


  • 12 Tips on How to Become a Confident Woman: Stephanie wasn’t always a confident woman, but through multiple influences in her life, she slowly began to become a confident woman. Stephanie will share 12 impactful tips to becoming a confident woman. What took Stephanie a lifetime to learn, your audience will learn in less than an hour!


If you are interested in having Stephanie speak, but you need a customized topic, she is happy to help!


Contact Stephanie at stephanie@GivingGal.com



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