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Mile #16

I'll get right to the point on this one. As I was preparing my list, I knew my inspiration for completing Mile #16 would be my husband, Mike.

For 15 years he has served in various capacities with the Indiana State Police. From the moment I said I do, I have been his #1 supporter. He's always had my respect and I've always been a proud police wife. But what he did never "inspired" me. Not until this past year when he took a new assignment working on a taskforce. Over the last six months he has spent countless of hours hunting down child predators.

These are the sickest of the sick. A recent case with a high profile spokesperson has shined light on how dark and disgusting this world is and the strategies pedophiles use to prey on children.

My husband, even though I pray this isn't how he spends the rest of his career, has been working countless hours, stays awake at night thinking through each case to make sure no stone is unturned, and he has an airtight case. His drive and work ethic is inspiring to me and during mile #16 I not only prayed for his safety but for the children that are victims of child pornography and abuse. It is a dark, sad world and it takes dedicated women and men, like my husband to keep children safe.

For 12 years he has been beside me through good times and the bad. He constantly pushes me and well, tells it like it is. If you want to hear the truth...ask my husband. Honestly, he didn't think I would run the marathon. I quit my training not once, but two times, heck maybe three times! I had some medical issues arise during training, which he was concerned about, and thought I should quit. He said, "I want you here awhile longer."

But at no time, did he not support me. He'd give his opinion, but when I was out on a run and it started to lightening, he was in his truck, looking to pick me up. When I needed water, he was getting it for me, and when I needed to sleep all afternoon after a long run, he let me sleep. He is my number one supporter, and I'm he's always on the sideline as my biggest fan. He and the children he fights for everyday got me through Mile #16.

I ask in your prayers tonight to pray for these children. I ask that you pray for comfort, healing and peace.



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