Stephanie L. Jones

Be bold. Dream big. Bless others.

The mission of Giving Gal is to assist you in learning how to live a bold life, establish and accomplish big dreams and challenge you to bless others in everything you do.

Giving Gal's vision is to be a premier life coach and speaker, where I value my clients enough to provide accountability, education, empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration to assist them in achieving their personal and professional dreams through one on one coaching, group coaching, and public speaking.

I’m a vision gal. Things will pop in my head, I’ll write it down in a journal and if I can’t shake the idea I’ll write it on my 8 foot whiteboard that hangs in my office. That is how Giving Gal was created. It was a thought I couldn’t shake and eventually I started […]

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“I’m scared” was the note I posted on my friends Facebook page Saturday night. Several weeks ago she invited me to go with her to Hot Yoga. I’ve been hearing all the rave, but never tried it. The last time I attended a group yoga class was back in 2002 and since then I have […]

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Life Coaching

Stephanie coaches clients in the following areas:


Motivational Speaking

Need a speaker for your upcoming event?

Stephanie has a passion for sharing her life experiences and knowledge with others. With over eleven years of experience, Stephanie is the perfect speaker for women conferences, breakout sessions...