Today is the Day You Go After What You Want

I’m having surgery tomorrow, it’s scary but I’m not in control. The scheduler calls to review the surgery time, procedure and goes through a series of questions based on information from a prior surgery. She says, “Do you have GERD?” I answer, “No.” She asks if I’m on any medication for GERD. I say, no. […]

Blog 4-12-16

What’s Your Everest?

Chicago Marathon- Mile #18

Sitting on the edge of the tub wincing and talking to myself, turning around from shaving my husband says, “Pull it off quickly.” Yank! Ouch! Jetting up and hopping around I’d done it. I pulled off my toenail and now was in excruciating pain. Sitting back down, I said, “I’m feeling woozy. I may pass […]


My #1 Fan

Mile #16

I’ll get right to the point on this one. As I was preparing my list, I knew my inspiration for completing Mile #16 would be my husband, Mike. For 15 years he has served in various capacities with the Indiana State Police. From the moment I said I do, I have been his #1 supporter. […]

This pic wasn't from the Chicago marathon, sadly I forgot to take a pic with him.

The Best Advice I Received Working for the Indiana State Police

Do you ever wonder why out of the millions of conversations you’ve had over your lifetime; there are several that remain front and center in your mind? I was twenty four and working for the Indiana State Police as a grant administrator and personnel officer. I enjoyed my job, but wanted more. A good friend […]

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Can You Accomplish Your Dreams on Your Own?

Miles #5- #8

Can you accomplish your dreams on your own? I know I can’t. If I think about everything that I have accomplished in my life those accomplishments had little to do with me, but were more about those surrounding me. I had to do the hard work, but the people that believed in me, opened doors, […]