Be Like Izzy

People ask me if they can use my book, The Giving Challenge, for Sunday school classes, small groups, and Bible studies. My short answer is Yes! My longer answer is, yes and I’m working on companion materials. Just like writing the book, this is all new to me. So I’m starting where I did with […]

It Can Always Wait

Did you know if you are texting and driving you are six times more likely to be in an accident than if you were drunk driving? It’s New Year’s Eve, and we tend to focus on making sure everyone has a designated driver, which I agree 100%. But this year, you need to put down […]

Cupcake Dreamer

How Giving Can Inspire You to Take Action on Your Dreams

I love cupcakes! I love baking cupcakes. I love eating cupcakes. And I LOVE giving away cupcakes, especially ones I’ve baked with love in my kitchen. For years I had a big problem. My cupcakes tasted fantastic, but they were…well… ugly. I didn’t know how to decorate them. I would grab a can of icing, […]

The Day My Life Changed in an Instant

How Tragedy Made Me Wake Up and Love the Life I Live

In an instant, our lives can change on a dime. A horrific car crash, a divorce filing, or a sudden job loss. I usually think of “in an instant” as a bad thing. Like eight years ago today, in an instant, my college friend Leslie, was gone after a brave battle with cancer. She was […]

Remembering Frankie

My Uncle Who Never Knew a Stranger

Frankie, Frankie get in here…were the words that echoed down the hall every time I entered my great grandmother’s home. She was letting my uncle Frankie know he had visitors. Moments later he’d scamper down the hall and greet you as if he hadn’t seen you in years. A big smile on his face, arms […]