Love on People

The Giving Challenge- Day #39 and #40

Do you ever have one of those days where you run from appointment to appointment and the entire day you feel like you’re forgetting something but can’t quite remember what? That was me yesterday. I rolled out of bed at 6:15 for a 7:00 appointment with my trainer. Hence the reason I’m looking mighty fine […]

Support a Child’s Hobby

The Giving Challenge- Day #37

When I coached high school track I was amazed at how many children had no support from friends or family. No one came to their meets to cheer them on, bring them a snack and encourage them after their event. If you are a parent who attends your children’s events, kudos to you. Is there […]

Send a Thank You Note (or two)

The Giving Challenge- Day #36

Who are your grateful for in your life? The gardener at the farmers market who provides your fresh produce. The banker who approved a loan for your first home. The local artist who decorates the walls of the coffee shop with beautiful paintings. The construction worker who fills potholes. You are surrounded by hundreds of […]

Share a Motivational Quote

The Giving Challenge- Day #35

It’s Monday and we all could use a little motivation and see positivity in our newsfeed. Let’s fill Facebook with motivational quotes and remind people it’s a good day to be alive! Post your favorite quote that picks you up when you are feeling down. Don’t have one? Share the one below! Blessings, Stephanie P.S. […]

Buy a Gift for No Occassion

The Giving Challenge- Day #34

Strolling the aisles of Menards this basketball hoop wastebasket caught my attention and I immediately thought of my nephew. I knew he’d love it. I picked the cool hoops wastebasket up and bought it. I really wanted one for myself but my husband reminded me I didn’t need it. Boo! If you are out and […]

Support an Author

The Giving Challenge- Day #33

This morning I finished reading a great book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. I posted a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I was reminded of how simple actions, that take just a couple of minutes, make an author happy. Think about the last book you read and choose one (or more) of the […]

Park Between the Lines

The Giving Challenge- Day 32

As we go into the weekend if you are out and about, please park between the lines. I know this seems like common sense but I was at the bank earlier this week and over 50% of cars were not parked between the lines, leaving a bunch of empty spaces that were unusable. I get […]

Invite a Friend to Dinner

The Giving Challenge- Day #31

How many times do you chat with a friend and say, “We should get together for dinner.” And then you never do? Several years ago my word for the year was intentional. I committed to taking action and inviting friends to meet for coffee or dinner. Since that year I created a habit and when […]

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and Be More Like Frankie!

The Giving Challenge- Day #30

Frankie, Frankie get in here…were the words that echoed down the hall every time I entered my great-grandmother’s home. She was letting my uncle Frankie know he had visitors. Moments later he’d scamper down the hall and greet you as if he hadn’t seen you in years. A big smile on his face, arms open […]